"Imagination is more important
than knowledge"
-Albert Einstein


How to deliver a successful pitch to investors
Posted On: Jan 31, 2018

Let’s face it. Every great idea needs execution, and that takes money. A whole lot of it! This is where angel investors and venture capitalists come in. Top VC’s and investors are always on the lookout for that one golden-goose start-up that is going to churn them a whole lot of money. That’s

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Why Chandigarh can be the next big hub for startups?
Posted On: Jan 04, 2018

Whenever we think about Chandigarh, the image of a beautiful city drenched in peace and tranquillity crosses our minds. The design of the city has been a successful experiment, leading it become one of the most liveable cities in the World. What’s exciting is that Chandigarh is not only a city to

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6 Reasons why Co-working spaces are perfect for young Entrepreneurs
Posted On: Nov 24, 2017

The word ‘entrepreneur’ has a nice ring to it, right? We’ve all been there. Dreaming of creating something that is truly our own, an idea that can change the World and churn billions of dollars at warp speed. If you are in this game though, you know it isn’t always like this. It takes a &hel

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