How do co-working spaces help you save money?

If you are a new start-up or a young entrepreneur, you know how important it is to manage your finances. Every rupee counts and it is imperative that you know where to spend your money. In today’s World, start-ups need some basic facilities that will help them grow and flourish. Renting out a cabin or office is expensive and you would need some serious financial backing to even consider this option.

This is where co-working spaces lend a helping hand. Here you can get a variety of facilities without worrying about costs, as it is almost always included in your monthly plan. Let’s take a look at how co-working spaces help you save money, without compromising on the services you can enjoy.

1. Official address – If you are a completely bootstrapped start-up, then renting and renovating an office space is a distant dream, especially if you are working out of big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon etc. Co-working spaces allow you to rent a work-desk, or a cabin at a fraction of the cost. A professional address comes in handy when you have to register your company, or for any correspondence with clients.

2. Internet – Internet is the most important commodity when it comes to start-ups, and for serious work your home internet plans won’t cut it. A business grade internet connection is required for you to be able to download files, video conferencing and browse through content sans the waiting time. A high-speed connection is expensive on its own but co-working spaces offer it as a part of their plan.

3. Networking – If you want to stay ahead in the start-up game, you need to network with like-minded people. Attending events can turn out to be an expensive affair if you aren’t a part of a co-working space, as these events are paid for non-members. Missing out on these events can cost you more than the money you save by not attending. Join a co-working space and get access to monthly events for free.

4. Utilities – When every rupee counts, so do all the bills. Stressing about your water and electricity consumption will eat into your productivity. At a co-working space, all you need to do is arrive, plug in your laptop and get to work. All these things are taken care of and are included in your billing plan.

5. Meeting room – Calling clients for meetings in cafes or your home is unprofessional and may not sit well with serious investors/clients. Co-working spaces have meeting rooms where you can conduct such meetings and impress your clients. Most meeting rooms are also equipped with the latest video-conferencing tech so that you can conduct meetings with foreign clients with ease. Always choose a co-working space that has a meeting room you can use.

6. Coffee and Tea – If you are work-horse, you need to stay refreshed and it is only after working for a few weeks you’ll realise how much you’re spending on your coffee and refreshments! Join a co-working space and enjoy hot and cold beverages as a part of your plan. Most spaces even have runner boys who can run small errands for you, saving you time and money.

Still not convinced? Visit SpaceJam Co-working to experience everything you should get at a good co-working space. Don’t let your budget imprison you in your bedroom. Get out and head to a co-working outfit today!

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