Is co-working only about the office space?

Picture this – You are in a wonderful office. The colors are popping, the lighting is smooth, you can smell coffee in the air and your brain is buzzing with ideas. Now, picture the ride home. There is traffic. The air is smoky. There is chaos on the streets. Your time melts away in your daily commute as you rush to reach home and crash on your bed. Can you really work in such contrasting environments? Here is a list of points you must keep in mind if you are serious about your start-up.

1. Don’t stick to big cities
Cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore have a nice ring to their name, but we often overlook the challenges of living in these metropolitan giants. If you are a start-up then you understand that effective asset and cost management is crucial in getting to your milestones before you burn-out. Big cities run bigger bills, so you’ll pay through your nose for real-estate, food, transportation, and lodging.

2. It isn’t always about work
Working 24/7 is great to put on a manifesto, but the brain needs time to rest and rejuvenate before you get back on the horse. Here, a city like Chandigarh leaves all other cities in the dust. A pollution-free environment, beautiful parks and quiet nights are just some of the things here that’ll center your focus, allowing you to wake up with a fresh mind. It isn’t always about being in a ‘cool’ office space. The quality of life you lead goes a long way toward boosting your creativity.

3. Distance is your nemesis
Big cities always boast of being self-sufficient. You can always find everything you’re looking for, but at what price? These cities have grown at an exponential rate, and anything affordable for a start-up or a young entrepreneur is always on the outskirts. In order to get to the city centers, you’ll be spending your entire day in commute. Think about the work hours you lose without even realizing it. Unless your start-up deals with studying traffic and pedestrian patterns, you aren’t doing yourself any favors!

4. Get noticed
For any start-up, getting funding and good press is nothing short of a goldmine. Working in a smaller city has amazing advantages. Since the number of start-ups and entrepreneurs are significantly lower in cities like Chandigarh as compared to Delhi and Mumbai, your story has a greater chance to be picked up by local news channels and web influencers. You can easily gain access to start-up pitch events and make connections that can go a long way in helping you further your entrepreneurial dreams.

Don’t be a sheep when you were born to be the wolf. Take the plunge and move out to a smaller city, where the only thing on your mind will be your ideas, your dreams and the road ahead!

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