Micro-influencers and why they are important for your startup.

There are uncountable tactics and strategies floating in the market regarding how you can make your potential startup reach its dream heights. Have you ever wondered, despite the arguably perfect marketing strategies that float in the market, why only a few startups manage to push their aspirations towards reality?

Basically, most of the popular tricks emphasize only on the rudimentary conditions like good research, a personally curated team and careful monitoring of cash flow. What they forget to mention is how important it is to involve micro influencers in your startup from a very early stage. You will be amazed to hear that collaborating with micro-influencers is one good way to have the trust of potential customers. It drives tones of traffic and generates income for your brand. However, most of the startups overlook the clear potential o micro-influencers; and wonder why their progress stagnated despite foolproof strategies, team composition and skill sets.

So if you did not know what micro influencers are, we are here to help you out. Micro influencers are people with a follower range of 1000 to 1, 00,000. Be it a personal blog or the cliché social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, etc. Micro influencers are vividly engaged in their social media platforms and are trusted by their followers. Since they are approachable and relatable, the followers too engage more with the activities of micro-influencers. This is clearly more impactful than the social platform of bigger influencers, whose audience is not fully involved with their activities and endorsements.

Micro influencers get you a sales-ready and actively participative audience. It extends your customer range to a pretty much live and responsive set of people. This way your startup grows not immediately, but progressively and more than that: significantly.
Carefully selecting and collaborating with the right micro influencers can easily help a startup to go off the ground, drive gushes of traffic, and generate tons of high-quality customers. The leads generated by micro influencers are more than often are ready for sales. What a great method to push your e-commerce into real competition.

This now might sound like the most lucrative marketing strategy to you, but beware, it is not as easy as it sounds. To be fooled by the social media profiles of the debatable influencers is very easy. Hence it is important to find real, legitimate and right influencers for your brand. Be sure to research well (back to basics) and be sure that the influencer is active, and endorses products that go harmoniously with your field of expertise. A simple mistake of choosing the wrong micro influencer can result badly as a waste of precious time, dicey impression in the market, wastage of marketing resources and a clear loss of track.

If you are much into it you can also look for online marketing tools which help to find influencers, and even successfully monitor the performance of your marketing campaign. These websites/apps help you to engage more influencers and also choose from a filtered amount of social media influencers. We also suggest that you actively engage in the research part while shortlisting the micro influencers for your brand endorsement; since it is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign.

If you get the right influencer to review and endorse your product via their public profiles, that could be the missing spice to your recipe of success. What also is important in a startup is to get a professional network community. That coupled with the correct type and location of the workplace, and we assure you can reach the zenith of your productivity. One such potential place is SpaceJam Coworking space at sector 34 Chandigarh, where you not only find a well-versed community who is influential in their own fields, but also custom plans to fit your ever-changing financial and professional conditions.

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