Reasons why working at night is better than the day

Working a 9 to 5 job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur waiting to blossom into a business mogul. Working for yourself allows you the freedom to choose your working hours yourself, and if you’re a night owl like most of us – this blog post will reinforce why working at night is so much better than the day! What’s more, co-working at night can be even better for your project, so let’s take a look!

1. You can’t time creativity – Every business needs a streak of genius and a wide stroke of creativity. The reason that top companies like Google, Facebook allow their employees to pick their own work hours is simple – everyone’s creativity peaks at different hours. Staying stuck to a morning-to-evening work schedule might not work effectively for you, so you can try working at night and see if you’re more productive.

2. No distractions – This is probably the most important reason why you may choose to work at night. There are literally no distractions allowing you to concentrate on your work. Most of your friends and colleagues will be asleep, so your phone won’t buzz every 2 minutes. There is no noise on the streets, no sounds of traffic, or loud chatter to cloud your thoughts!

3. Avoid peak hours – Unless you’re from another planet, you probably hate being stuck in traffic. If you choose to work at night, you can cut your commute time by half; and even more, if you’re based in a busy city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chandigarh. Spend less time traveling and more on your project and you can meet your deadlines more effectively!

4. International working hours – This may not apply to a lot of you, but if your startup deals with international clients or investors, then working at night allows you to synchronize your work hours with their time zone. This will let you communicate better and expedite any discussions or email threads that typically have a 12-hour turnaround owing to time zone differences. If you can’t get to them, bring their time to yourself by working at night!

5. No congestion – Another great reason to work at night instead of the day is that your office or co-working space will have fewer people at night. So you won’t have to wait in line to use meeting rooms or fix yourself a cup of coffee. Every minute saved is a minute earned to work on your dream project.

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